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Anti-contaminant carpet

Anti-contaminant carpets. Each carpet contains 30 sheets. Presentation: 45x115 cm, 60x115 cm and 90x115 cm.

Absorbent carpet and anti-slip

Carpet composed of a top layer with an absorption power of more than 4 liters per m². Waterproof and non-slip bottom layer. Presentation: 70x45 cm, 70x100 cm, 70x145 cm and 70x185 cm.

Imark Laboratories


At Imark, we specialize in the manufacture of disinfectants and hygiene products for hospital use. We stand out in the chlorhexidine lineup, where we have the most complete line in the market.


Carry out effective management and control not only during the production process, but also after it, maintaining a monitoring and surveillance system for the products, which allows us to improve day by day.


This Quality System is designed to ensure the quality of the products manufactured by IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., and ensure that they fully meet the needs of its customers.



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