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Laboratorios Imark Hospital is a company dedicated to the manufacture of hygiene products and hospital disinfection, cosmetic products and import and distribution of medical devices.


Quality politics

The management of IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., aware of the benefit of continuous improvement and as a goal to be permanently competitive, aims to:


Offer the Customer a product that at all times meets their expectations thanks to the quality of our products and the excellence of our services, to ensure that the name of IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., is considered synonymous with quality.


Carry out effective management and control not only during the production process, but also after it, maintaining a monitoring and surveillance system for the products, which allows us to improve day by day.


This Quality System is designed to ensure the quality of the products manufactured by IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., and ensure that they fully meet the needs of its customers.


The Management of IMARK-HOSPITAL, SL, establishes as Senior Management all the positions outlined in its organization chart, with the leadership of the Quality Management Manager to whom it confers sufficient authority and responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the Management System With the support and support of the Directorate General.


The General Directorate of IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016; It will review the Quality System and its objectives periodically and additionally whenever there are changes in the organization of the company or before review of rules and legislation that affect it by its activity.


The General Directorate of IMARK-HOSPITAL, S.L., undertakes to carry out the continuous improvement of the quality management system. And it ensures that all people who influence quality know the policy and objectives set is achieved through dissemination, by the Director of Quality of the same at all levels of the organization, as well as through a controlled distribution of the documentation that applies to each level in the different jobs. It will also be available, whenever relevant, for any interested party that may affect or be affected by the activity of the organization.


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  • Manufacturing to third parties

    Laboratorios Imark Hospital is specialized in the development of products, offering a personalized service with the highest quality and experience. We manufacture disinfection and cosmetics products to third parties. We have a large team qualified in advice, development, exclusive formulation of product and design.

  • Innovation and development

    We have more than 25 years in the sector, with experience in innovation and development of new products that improve health and well-being. During the last years we have invested in machinery and facilities in order to obtain the best quality and productive capacity. Highlighting our wide range of products with chlorhexidine for disinfection.


  • MANUFACTURING AREA: disinfectants, cosmetics, sponge cutting
  • PACKAGING AREA: Liquids, impregnated supports (brushes, sponges and wipes), creams / balms, emulsions, and tubes
  • LABORATORY: Quality control
  • WAREHOUSE: Raw materials, conditioning material and finished product